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Sheldon provides a retreat centre in Devon. Whether you want to relax and read, walk in the countryside, feed your faith or get creative, Sheldon is a lovely place to spend time for clergy and their partners. Sheldon has family holiday breaks in the summer. The only rule is, no talking about church work.

Sheldon Hub is a message board for clergy and partners. There is opportunity to ask questions, answer posts from others and browse resources. Registration is required to maintain privacy.

Facebook groups including general clergy spouse and partner groups exist as well as groups for those with specific needs such as clergy parents of adopted children, clergy and partners with neurodiversity and clergy families with additional needs children. To be connected with one of these groups, email us on and tell us what kind of support you are looking for


The Ministry of a Messy House – Amanda Robbie.
This book explores the real life experience of the author as a clergy partner.