Who does your work support?
Our main focus is Church of England partners, however we hope our work can benefit clergy families from all denominations and religions. If you are a clergy partner from another denomination who would like to volunteer to set up your own branch of CFN we would love to hear from you. Please email clergyfamilynetwork@Gmail.com

What about clergy partners in same sex relationships?
We support all Church of England clergy partners. We want all of our fellow clergy partners to be welcome and we ask that anyone attending our events or speaking on our social media platforms respect others regardless of their views or orientation.

Can Someone Talk At My Event?
Yes, we’d be happy to speak with you! If you are looking for advice for your diocese or someone to speak at an event for spouses, we are happy to come along in person we only ask that you cover our travel costs. We can also speak over zoom or on the phone.

I’m A Clergy Partner/Child and I’m Struggling, What Help Can I Get?
Email us, we’ll arrange a time to speak on Zoom or the phone to put you in touch with the help you need. Being a clergy family member can be difficult, it’s not just you! The good news is, we are a supportive community and we’re here for you.

Media Enquiries
Lucie Walsh our founder is available for media articles, TV and radio appearances. Please email us to arrange clergyfamilynetwork@gmail.com.