About us

Who we are

Clergy Family Network is a group of Church of England spouses and partners. We are an independant organisation, although we work with the Church of England and other organisations for the benefit of clergy families.

We want to set up a charity to support the needs of clergy families, but before we do this, we want to be sure that our work is the best it can be. Our survey was carried out in spring 2021 with results to be published in February 2023. Clergy Familiy Network will be established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation based directly on the survey results.

Interested in being part of Clergy Family Network? You can email us on clergyfamilynetwork@gmail.com or sign up to our mailing list here.


We are;

- A non religious organisation. Many of our supporters are Christians, but many aren't too. We will seek to highlight the spiritual, emotional and practical needs of all clergy family members regardless of their spiritual beliefs and practices and work together towards meeting them.

- All clergy family members are welcome. Families are all different and we are here for all children who grew up in clergy households, clergy partners and all spouses of the clergy past, present or future.

- Clergy Family Network is an independent organisation. We work with The Church of England and support organisations, however we prioritise the needs of the spouse or partner and the family.

- We want to support all clergy families, however, we have started in the UK in the Church of England. Our resources are available to any who might find them useful. We are starting with a focus on partners and children in the Church of England to make sure the work is manageable. However, we plan to continue our work expanding to work with other denominations, children of single parents, single clergy and other nations too. If you are a member of another denomination or a single clergy person who wants to help us expand our work, please do email us on clergyfamilynetwork@gmail.com to volunteer.

If you have any questions about our ethos you can email us on clergyfamilynetwork@gmail.com